Moving abroad always involves insecurities and a lot of extra work. Searching for a house, organizing the move, requesting visas and, once established, you must take care of finding the best health care, the most suitable schools for your children: the list of aspects to “fix” seems interminable…

Barcelona is a beautiful city with many souls that easily adapts to different lifestyles: from the relaxed life in front of the sea, to the fancy life in the centre made of shopping and bars to the more peaceful and bourgeois of the upper side. In short, adapting to the city is easy if you place yourself in the right area, and this is where Moving To Bcn comes into play: a Personal Assistant specializing in relocation, whose goal is to make the transfer to Barcelona the easiest and most serene possible, through specialized and customized advice on the needs of everyone. As if a tailor sewed your new life in the city on you.


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