I offer myself as a personal assistant to help you with all the activities to be dealt with, once you have decided to move to Barcelona.


Looking for a house, whether rented or bought, can be complicated for many reasons, the main one is often the language, followed by the lack of knowledge of the neighbourhoods, the laws and taxes of Spain and the trend of the real estate market, very floating in Barcelona in recent times.


According to the needs of each customer I offer a selection of properties that can vary a lot in relation to the “family unit”.


Another important element, of course, is the budget: every customer has needs and I take care of selecting a series of properties that best fits them.


Waking up in that house, after all, is the first thing you will do every day.


I also offer advice regarding all documents from residence permit, NIE, driving license, etc.


I entrust myself to a law firm in Barcelona that follows all the practices and ensure the full regularity of the operations, to guarantee an efficient and speedy service.


The health service in Barcelona is excellent, there is a wide choice of hospitals and clinics. In this case I tell you the best institutions based on specializations.


You have children? I know how important it is to make a safe choice in education.


I will propose a careful selection of schools, I will help you with the selection process and I will accompany you throughout the journey, from the visit of the structure to the delivery of the necessary documents for registration.


I will be very accurate: I have two children and I know the schools of Barcelona in depth, including pros and cons.

Bank, TV, phone

I offer you a selection of major banks, landline and mobile phone companies and pay TV services. And do not worry about the technical aspects: if you need an installer to install the satellite dish, I also take care of that!

And then there are public transport, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, and surrounding areas. Tell me what you need and I will make sure that your move is simply thoughtless.